Heralding the Macaw Kingdom

The Macaw Project started with a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo 3 years ago. Thanks to the initial support of many people, the documentary is getting well known worldwide, participating in film festivals, broadcasted in national TV channels, being translated to 6 languages, and most importantly spreading the word about an important conservation collaboration among researchers, members of native communities, and eco-tourists.

Conservation research in the Peruvian Amazon has a much longer history. Researchers from many different fields study the rainforest ecosystem, from the ground level all the way up to the canopy and even higher with remote sensing. Carrying out field research in such conditions is often very challenging and probably less known by the wider public. We thought we should show how these researchers work in the Peruvian Amazon and take it to your screen.

In association with Filmjungle.eu, we are extremely excited to announce the continuation of The Macaw Project:

THE MACAW KINGDOM, a one hour long documentary film featuring the everyday work of scientists in the Tambopata region of Peru, and showing how they collect important scinetific data to conserve this biodiversity hotspot. The film is now in postproduction stage and will be released tentatively towards the end of this year!


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