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Indonesian Parrot Project (IPP)

The Indonesian Parrot Project was founded in 2001 by Dr. Stewart Metz and Barbara Bailey with the mission to help to conserve endangered Indonesian parrots through actions both in situ and ex situ. In the past decades they initiated and managed several successful conservation programs:

  • Their most highlighted project protects one of the rarest and most threatened cockatoos in the world, the Abbotti Cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea abbotti), deep in the Java Sea. Only about 25 individuals remained in the wild. They are still on the brink of extinction.
  • The Conservation-Awareness-Pride (C-A-P) Program was designed to teach local communities, especially children, about their own cockatoos and parrots, why they are important and should be conserved. The project has built a strong pride in the local people.
  • The Community Economic Development program provides alternate means of sustainable income to villagers, who in turn will protect the cockatoos from trapping. Such alternatives are hiring forest wardens to detect active nests, supporting women’s cooperatives, hiring local guides and establishing an ecotourism program.
  • The IPP also runs and supports an Avian Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Center in Seram, Indonesia. Illegal parrot trade is a big issue in Indonesia, but recent forces are building from the local government and NGOs to stop illegal poaching. Confiscated birds are taken to the rescue center of IPP, rehabilitated and possibly reintroduced to the wild.

The Indonesian Parrot Project has been conducting important conservation work to save parrots and cockatoos from extinction in Indonesia. It is NOW time to show these efforts to the general public and to bring these stories to the screen. Wildlife Messengers is making a conservation documentary about their very important work in Indonesia.

Film specifications

Working title: The Indonesian Parrot Project – past, present, and future
Duration: 26 mins
Language: English, Indonesian
Producer: George Olah
Director: Cintia Garai

The film will introduce the history and current work of IPP, the challenges of parrot conservation in Indonesia, and the importance of protecting parrots as flagship species. We will examine all aspects of parrot conservation including the roles and responsibilities of conservationists, decision makers, local communities and tourists, demonstrating that success can be achieved only by well-organized cooperation among them. Target audiences include potential donors, conservationists, Indonesians, and the general public.

We are so excited and honored to join forces with the Wildlife Messengers team to bring our story and work to the world! We have been working in Indonesia since 2001, but very few people know about our work conserving and protecting some of the most endangered cockatoos in the world. Their skill at “looking at the big picture with fresh eyes” and thorough understanding of science and biology makes me confident that this documentary is going to touch people’s hearts. And the drone footage? OMG. And the best part of working together in October – not only are they skilled documentarians, but incredibly cool people and new members of our family. Can’t wait to see the film. As we say in Indonesia…. Mantap!

Bonnie Zimmermann

Director, Indonesian Parrot Project


  • 2017 Oct


    Filming during the last Ecotour organized by IPP in Indonesia.

  • 2017 Nov

    Sorting footage

    Selecting and organizing footage taken.

  • 2017 Dec

    Archive footage

    Collecting old footage from the archive storage of the IPP.

  • 2018 Jan

    Translation of interviews

    Translation of recorded interviews from Bahasa to English.

  • 2018 Apr


    Preparation and launching of a fundraising campaign for the postproduction costs of the documentary.

  • 2018


    Postproduction editing of the documentary begins.

  • 2019 Jun


    Expected premiere of the documentary.

  • 2019 Jul


    Expected distribution of the documentary.

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