Fieldwork in Peru

George Olah with Rainforest Expeditions received a grant by Innóvate Perú of the Peruvian Government for innovation and science communication in Tambopata. Thanks to this grant, we were able to invite several colleagues and researchers to Tambopata and accompany them to the field. In our ‘Fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon’ video-interview series we presented these people.

George Olah and the macaws

This is me talking about macaw research and the novel techniques we have used for macaw research from genetics to drones. Dr. George Olah has been actively involved in macaw research in the Tambopata/Candamo region since 2008.

Zoltán Korsós and the millipedes

Dr. Zoltán Korsós, my previous professor of Zootaxonomy, and now Director of the Hungarian Natural History Museum talks about millipedes around the Tambopata Research Center. Zoltán is a renowned zoologist and millipede expert. He recently visited Tambopata while we accompanied him to the field discovering at least 3 new species!

Aaron Pomerantz and the spiders

Aaron’s work involves investigating the Arthropods biodiversity in neotropical regions like the Tambopata National Reserve. He has recently been awarded a National Geographic grant.

Paloma Alcazar and the peccaries

Paloma is a veterinarian studying the health of peccaries in Peru and Costa Rica.

Varun Swamy and the trees

Varun is an ecologist studying tree generations in the Peruvian Amazon.

Jeff Cremer and the wildlife photography

This video is about wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer’s work in the Peruvian Amazon.

Tambopata Research Center from above

Drones are one of the newest developments in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology and they are recently being used for scientific research as well. In Tambopata we have tried a drone to see the environment from the aspects of the enigmatic macaws.
In this trailer you can see some amazing footage we have recorded around the Tambopata Research Center in 4K quality! We have blended these videos with some previously recorded wildlife videos about macaws and clay licks.


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