Robert Carrubba, MA | Photographer

Robert Carrubba is a photographer and filmmaker interested in conservation topics, and in ways people live, work, and express themselves. He studied English literature and Korean linguistics at Sogang University in Seoul, while translating academic texts, and taught Korean language and culture at DLIFLC in the United States. Since 2016, Robert has photographed breaking news and features in the DR Congo, and exhibited his photographs in DRC and Belgium. Among these exhibitions are WEWA!, about the lives of moto-taxi drivers in Kinshasa, and From Extraction to Final Product, Gestures – Tools – Engines – Soils, and Creuseure des revês about the processes, technologies, and labour of artisanal miners in the eastern provinces. In 2021 Robert filmed Ecoguardians of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, documenting the dangerous work of protecting the park’s biodiversity and endangered species. Robert was an instructor for the EU National Institutes for Culture Master Classes of Photography in Kinshasa, mentoring young Congolese photographers, and a consultant for the establishment of the first university department of photography in DRC. Robert collaborates with subject-matter experts, institutes, and government organizations to produce accurate and informative phototextual projects.

Photo articles

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